Monday, February 3, 2020

2019 round-up and looking forward to 2020

To ardent watchers of this blog - you know who you are - apologies for the pause in postings.  A lot has been happening since August 2019 as we follow our mission to accelerate process development and positively impact the development of every potential medicine.

We'll be posting more regularly in 2020, with lots of news and new capabilities in the pipeline.  In the meantime, here's a catch-up on some items from the latter part of 2019 and a picture that summarizes a few of them:

A few Scale-up Systems and Scale-up Suite highlights from the end of 2019; more details below.
  • We presented our sponsored AIChE award for Outstanding Contribution to QbD for Drug Substance to the 2019 winner, Zoltan Nagy of Purdue University, at the Annual Meeting in Orlando [pic - top right]
  • We nominated John Peterson of GSK for the corresponding Pfizer-sponsored Drug Product award, for his excellent work on statistics of design space, and he won.  Was great to catch up with John at the awards session [pic - top left]
  • Andrew Bird presented statistically rigorous calculations of design space for three common unit operations; and ways to dramatically accelerate the calculations [pic - top centre]; watch for the details in a 2020 webinar
  • A growing band of Dynochem and Reaction Lab users are keeping warm this winter in our 'beanie' hats, helping the environment with our keep-cups and looking forward to summer in our poloshirts [pic - bottom centre]
  • And we've updated our certification programs to a fully automated on-line system with randomized questions.  Visit the Resources site and search for 'certified' to find out more and take the test.

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