Friday, January 1, 2016

Use these links to get Advice, Guidance and Help as you apply our tools in 2016

Are you managing a team that works in process development and scale-up?  Or working at the coalface applying our tools on a regular basis?  Or perhaps you're a former DynoChem user whose modeling exploits have helped lead to rapid promotion :) and it's been a while since you last visited us?

Either way, you should find the following links interesting and useful as you start the new year of 2016.
  • For general advice on topics in process development and scale-up, use the 'advice' search string in DynoChem Resources, or click this link:  
  • One document that appears in this list has some new additions including a list of typical values for process parameters and a list of recommended text books for your department library.
  • To get a helicopter view and roadmap about how to apply our software in a specific area, search instead for 'guidance' or click
  • The solid-liquid separation guidance has been updated recently to help define how to set up a lab filtration rig, thanks to publications by customers such as BMS and Amgen:
Of course you can share all of these links with your team and colleagues by email and otherwise.

And we'd love to get both your and their feedback in due course so that we can improve our tools for the benefit the whole process development and scale-up community.

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