Thursday, March 29, 2018

BioPharma Europe Initiative: giving Pharma manufacturing a distinctive voice in Brussels

Through our involvement with the pre-competitive collaboration centre SSPC, we have attended a number of events organized by BioPharma Europe, a growing SSPC-led initiative that is raising awareness in the European Parliament and Commission of the unique role, position and needs of the European Pharma industry and seeking policy initiatives that support a strong future for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Europe.

Source: EFPIA
After a good start, this group is now seeking to build support from a wider network of European pharma industry stakeholders in the next phase of discussion with Europe's research and regulatory policymakers, such that future policy decisions support this strategically important industry in the globally competitive landscape.

At Scale-up Systems, we are proud of our excellent relationships with pharma companies, CMOs and CROs and are delighted to bring BioPharma Europe to the attention of our customers.  Organizations wishing to find out more about BioPharma Europe should contact Aisling Arthur at SSPC.

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