Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June update adds models for genotoxic impurity formation and control, precipitation, PK/PD and more

One of the great things about using DynoChem is the regular update of the online library, delivering the latest and best models to all users instantly.

Blood pressure regulation in a specific patient using a 200mg daily dose.
In the June update:

  • We published a new guidance document for solvent swap distillation, a very popular DynoChem application. 
  • We added new models for sulfonate ester / genotoxic impurity formation (based on work using DynoChem by Dr Ed Delaney and a PQRI consortium)
  • We added new models for tangential flow filtration (TFF), precipitation and PK/PD calculations. 
  • We republished the DynoChem Validation document, illustrating the accuracy of each DynoChem model building statement. 
  • We updated our solvent properties shortlist, adding three solvents (1-propanol, isobutanol and trifluoroacetic acid) 
  • We updated a number of models to the new standard format.
To try them out, visit DynoChem Resources.

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