Monday, September 30, 2013

DynoChem web library update #66, September 2013: Drug dissolution models, slides from guest webinars, KB articles and enhancements

We update the DynoChem Resources (‘DCR’) website monthly with new tools/ applications and content that are immediately available to all users.  These updates and other news are announced on Twitter and you can keep up to date anytime by following us.

You can always stay up to date using the comprehensive WhatsNew.pdf summary.  

Update 66 this month included:
·         Slides from recent DynoChem guest webinars by customers from BMS, Merck and Reaction Science
·         New models for simulation of drug dissolution in a USP Apparatus:
o   under monophasic or biphasic (sink) conditions, for BCS Class II compounds
o   with competing disintegration and dissolution rates for immediate release formulations
·         New branches in the training tree for building a model step by step and then moving to consider process safety issues on scale-up
·         New KB articles and webinar recordings on use of HPLC data to build DynoChem models.

We hope that you find this update useful and will forward/ share it within your own organization with people who may be interested. 

Please note that we have upcoming public training events for New Users in Wilmington and San Francisco.

For the record, Updates 63-65 in the last 3 months included:
·         a whole new Library of flow chemistry models, with training and a PFR design utility;
·         new models for reactions (using carbonate base, Suzuki Coupling, optical resolution);
·         new calculations in the VLLE utility (ternary boiling point, mixture flash point);
·         new recorded webinars (e.g. BMS on QbD and Merck on extending the benefits of modeling across a department).

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