Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keerthi Pemula from Dr Reddys wins Best Presentation prize at DynoChem India User Meeting

Congratulations to Keerthi Pemula from Dr Reddys, who won the prize for Best Presentation at the DynoChem User Meeting in Mumbai last week.  Keerthi presented on “Development of Kinetic Model and Process Predictions” and gave an excellent illustration of how to identify reaction mechanisms using a kinetic model and use the results to improve process performance. Particularly notable was the ability of the model to track impurities as well as the main substrate and product components.

Keerthi’s prize included a ball and stick for playing the ancient Irish game of Hurling, reputed to be the fastest game in the world on grass.  Presenting the prize, Joe Hannon of Scale-up Systems commented that it symbolized the theme of the conference, to Accelerate Pharma Process Development.

The meeting was very well attended, presentations were of a high standard and there was real energy and momentum evident for adoption of DynoChem process modeling as an integral part of process development and scale-up.  Here is one of the group shots.  More pictures available shortly.  


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congrats , keerthi

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