Sunday, May 22, 2011

Next stop London

This coming week sees our third and final User Meeting of 2011, at the Royal Society, London.

We've got another great program of 10 Industry presentations and look forward to the insights these will provide for our attendees from across Europe.

The programme (UK times, 25 May) is:
8:15 AM “Process Model = Process Understanding ??”, Bernd Schmidt, AstraZeneca
8:55 AM “Scaling up and Plant-to-Plant Transfer of Safety Data for an Exothermic Reaction”, Tom Vickery, Merck
9:25 AM “A Data Driven Model Based Approach to Hydrogenation Scale-up in the API Industry”, Rob Foley, Pfizer
10:10 AM “Models, Mass Balances, and Analytical Data”, Wilfried Hoffmann, Pfizer
10:50 AM “Reaction Kinetics as a Tool to Underpin Control Strategy”, Neil Hodnett, GlaxoSmithKline
11:20 AM “Modelling an SNAr Reaction; Kinetics from a Microwave Reactor”, Rob Woodward, AstraZeneca
1:15 PM “Thermal Scale-up – Vessel Characterization and Reaction Modelling with DynoChem”, Marcello Bosco, Roche
1:45 PM “Applications in Equipment Comparability for Scale up of an API Process”, Steve Jeffery, Lilly
 2:30 PM “Applications in Kilo Lab Flow Chemistry and Scale-up” Edel Hughes, Pfizer
3:00 PM “Modeling Solid-Liquid Separations: Fine-tuning the Filtration Model” Roel Hoefnagels, Janssen

A big thanks to all our speakers and to users travelling to London this week, and to our own team that organizes the event.

The final program for the London meeting, including abstracts, can now be downloaded here [DynoChem Resources login required].

Registration is still open here

Attendees from the Mumbai and Chicago meetings can watch proceedings by live webcast on the "DynoCam".  Contact Steve Cropper for more information.  

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