Saturday, July 30, 2011

YouTube video shows basics of using the new DynoChem Resources

The new DynoChem Resources is live, using Microsoft Silverlight

The new DynoChem Resources webpage, the source for latest and best versions of all of our tools, went live on Friday 29 July.  There are lots of great features: sign up or sign in to see them.

Including search - across all types of content, with related items grouped so you can find everything you need in a few clicks:

And a preview pane - so you can make a good selection of the right tools for your project faster than ever:

DynoChem Resources 2011 is the result of listening to users; you asked for a single source for tools, training and supporting documents when starting new projects, that was easy to use and always up to date.

We use Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in to make the website easy to navigate, more powerful and perform like a desktop application program.

It's our best ever model library and it's integrated into every copy of DynoChem 2011.  We look forward to your feedback and further suggestions to make our tools even better.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another fine GSK example shows how to make synergistic use of Kinetics and DOE

Mark Hughes and colleagues from GSK recently wrote up another fine example of the synergistic use of kinetics and design of experiments.

To quote the authors, "The DoE studies gave us an idea of the risks ... the kinetic model had provided higher-yielding conditions".

For more details, see:
A Mechanistic Insight into a Simple C-N Bond Formation via SN2 Displacement: A Synergistic Kinetics and Design of Experiment Approach.
Vol. 14, No. 6, 2010 / Organic Process Research & Development
in DynoChem Resources and the ACS website.

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