Friday, July 2, 2021

Scale-up Suite 2 released! Plus news on Dynochem Biologics

It's been even busier than usual at Scale-up Systems recently and here's a catch-up in case you haven't seen it elsewhere yet.

We're delighted to have released Scale-up Suite 2 today (big thanks to Steve Hearn and all of our Development team!) and look forward to customers rolling this out over the next little while.  There are a host of enhancements as covered in our previous post and some new product options, notably RunScript Automation:

  • This exposes calls to the Dynochem and Reaction Lab APIs so that customers in our Digitalization Pilot Program can apply our scripts to create autonomous workflows and build their own scripts to implement high-throughput modeling alongside experimentation. Check out a preview video here [5 minutes].
Dynochem 6 has been released as a component of Scale-up Suite 2.

We've also separated the Dynochem model library for biologics into its own dedicated Resources site and created a new product option around this functionality:

  • It's called Dynochem Biologics and is focused on the development and manufacturing of large molecule therapeutics using cell culture (USP), downstream purification (DSP) and fill/finish operations.  
  • We've built in all of the usual supports you expect from us, including self-paced training and KB articles.  
  • Dynochem Biologics already works with Scale-up Suite 1 and we'll be moving all biologics users across to this platform at the end of July.

Actions for you:

  • Visit our Installer page to upgrade to Scale-up Suite 2 or have your IT colleagues do so if that's necessary in your organization.  Remember, our cloud licensing means you don't need any on-premise license server and Suite 2 works immediately with the cloud licenses (and content) you already use.
  • Contact your Scale-up Systems representative to find out more about our Digitalization Pilot Program or to explore Dynochem Biologics.

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