Friday, November 17, 2023

S88 XML Recipe Round Trip via the Dynochem Mixing Web App

Just when you thought you knew why the coolest link on the Internet was the Dynochem Mixing Web App, something even cooler has come along, thanks to collaboration between Scale-up Systems and the wider Autochem business unit of Mettler Toledo.

Used correctly, iControl can export an XML file containing the detailed recipe and trends for your experiments in the EasyMax, OptiMax or using RX-10.  That means the actual amounts charged and the timing, which may differ from the intended experiments set up in your ELN or elsewhere.  

Using iControl 6.2, you can now export that recipe and drag it into the Mixing Web App.  The App then reads the entire procedure, breaks out the relevant operations, calculates material properties for each operation using the Scale-up Suite Materials system, reads equipment information from the Scale-up Equipment Data Service and presents the results for Vessels 1 and 2 in the browser.

You can select Vessel 2 from your equipment network and agitation conditions are then automatically scaled at constant power per unit mass.  You can adjust fill volumes and recalculate conditions.  You can save the results for later re-use, generate a PDF report and share the results with colleagues using the URL for the page.  

If your Vessel 2 selection is from the Mettler ecosystem, you can even export the scaled recipe and drag that into iC Data Center using the new integration with Scale-up Suite.  Your designed experiment will appear moments later in iControl, ready for execution.

That's scale-up of a complex lab procedure with just a few clicks, saving time and tedium compared to current workflows, now fast and easy enough to de-risk any project.

Take a look at the video here (free Scale-up account required) to see the "S88 XML Recipe Round Trip" in action.  To learn more, take the training exercise.

This has a pretty big impact in it's own right.  Even better though, it lays a foundation for other round trips and automations, including workflows that include kinetic models and machine learning applications.  Watch this space!

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