Thursday, July 19, 2018

Great set of guest webinars so far this year, more to come, including 'Bourne' sequel; enjoy on your phone

We hope you've been enjoying our free to attend guest webinar program this year as much as we have.

To date in 2018, Syngenta, Johnson Matthey, Nalas, Amgen and Teva have covered topics from one end of a manufacturing stage to the other, addressing synthesis, experimental design, process safety, crystallization and drying.

Who needs Netflix and HBO?  You can enjoy last week's Guest Webinar by Tom Corrie, Syngenta: “Accelerating Active Ingredient Development with Early Stage DynoChem Simulations", and all other webinars in our Guest series, on your smartphone / mobile device, any time of the day or night. [Screenshot from iPhone 8 shown here]

A reminder that you use your phone to both attend live (Adobe Connect app) and/or enjoy recordings (MP4 format, see iPhone screenshot above).  In line with the spirit of GDPR regulations, the identities of our attendees are now anonymized in recordings.

We're impressed by the innovative ways in which users apply our tools and also their openness in discussing process development challenges they face and the solutions they have found.  And there's more to come this year, with Sarafinas Process & Mixing Consulting on use of the legendary 'Bourne Reactions', UCD on continuous crystallization, and AstraZeneca on centrifugation, events all in the schedule.

Thanks to Steve Cropper and Peter Clark of our team for continuing to line up a great annual program.  2019 is already looking good, with Flow Chemistry and Drying webinars already planned.

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