Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kinetics from HPLC data - DynoChem guidance documents

HPLC area and area percent are some of the most commonly used data for reaction and impurity profiling and monitoring.  Customers collect these data all the time, whether working in the lab or the plant, in early or late phase development.  HPLC data are routinely used in regulatory filings and to ensure quality and compliance.

The good news for DynoChem users is that reaction kinetics may also be obtained from these data, when certain conditions are met.  Yes, there is some fine print, but not too much.  Armed with kinetics, you can run fewer, better experiments and save weeks or months of experiments and speculation.  (You might enjoy our playlist of short humorous videos on this very topic.)

In this and several other application areas, our team have recently written new 'Guidance Documents'. These follow a standard format and are short and to the point.  They provide a helicopter view and a roadmap for applying DynoChem in a specific application area.  Naturally the guidance document for reaction kinetics puts a lot of emphasis on HPLC data.  You can get the full story by following this link.

Contents page of the Reaction Modeling Guidance Document: click for step by step instructions.

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