Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you certifiable? Take the test to become a Certified DynoChem User

DynoChem skills are a great asset to have in a pharmaceutical company.  They can make your job more interesting and satisfying while making you more effective and faster in completing projects.  They allow you to help others in your team to get the same benefits.  They're also great for your career progression and future employment prospects.

Now you can demonstrate these skills to all by becoming a Certified DynoChem User, on successful completion of a Certification Test.

We've anticipated a few of your questions and provided the answers below:

Q: What exactly do I have to do?
A: Take a 90-minute certification test using DynoChem at your own desk.

Q: How do I get the test questions?
A: Send an email to our support and training team with 'Certification' as the subject line.

Q: What do I get in return?
A: Several things:

  • You can describe yourself as a Certified DynoChem User.  
  • You receive an official signed and stamped certificate to this effect (hardcopy and PDF).  
  • You can hang it on your office wall, use it  in your resume, list it in your LinkedIn profile, etc.

Q: Sounds great.  Let the games begin.
A: Steady on.  Email us now to get your copy of the test.

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