Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More on size distributions

When completing the publication of our latest monthly update to the DynoChem online library of tools, we revised our CSD (crystal size distribution) to CLD (chord length distribution) conversion utility and the latest file is here.

We think this tool has educational as well as practical value, with plots of size distribution statistics and indications of how true CSD relates to what we can measure using on-line laser backscattering (an apparent CLD) or off-line laser diffraction (an apparent spherical equivalent diameter distribution).

Like all of our tools, we are keen to receive feedback by email to our support team and to make further enhancements in due course.  If you like it, or think it can be improved, let us know.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find humour even in such technical material and we present below our latest CSD joke, this time from the Doctor, Doctor genre.  It goes:
  • Patient: 'Doctor, Doctor, I don't understand the statistics of my size distribution.'
  • Doctor: 'Please weight a moment.'
If you like the joke, or can improve it, write a comment.

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