Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Helping chemists focus on chemistry: webinar recording now available

Our Principal Consultant Wilfried Hoffmann recently delivered an excellent webinar on "How to model reaction mechanisms in elementary steps and benefit from enhanced mechanistic understanding" and the recording is now available here.

This first webinar is being followed by a series of weekly webinars to help chemists develop the simple model authoring skills needed to characterize and optimise reactions.  You can register for these events here.

The point is that DynoChem's user interface allows chemists to write down their proposed reaction mechanisms in the same way as they ordinarily think about the reactions occurring in elementary steps. 

Importantly, Dr Hoffmann encourages this way of working, instead of assuming a naive and chemically unrealistic rate expression with e.g. fractional reaction orders, which cannot be translated to different scales, operating modes or even properly capture temperature effects.

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